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I am a senior, 89 years of age, and live in a lovely senior development.  I have three children, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  My late husband and i traveled to over 49 countries and thankfully stored all our pictures in albums which I look at from time to time and it's almost like re-visiting these countries again.  I fully understand how at times life seems to be dull, boring and routine.  Many of us seniors cannot get about as we used to and feel lonely at times.  Just think - if we had some kind of a Chat Forum we would be able to communicate with other seniors and establish more friendships like we did when we were younger.  We would be able to talk to each other about our life's journey and our feelings, about our family, our aches and pains, some of the things we are involved with.  Of course, we would not discuss politics or religion because sometimes these subjects are just too controversial. But we would be here to listen and talk about what is happening in our lives.


The golden years are often lonely years. As we adults age,  many older Americans find their inner circle shrinking when adult children move and spouses and friends become ill or pass away. While senior living communities promise an active second chapter, loneliness and isolation still exists behind closed doors.


By having a place to meet other seniors would be a great idea.  Why doesn't AARP give us seniors a site where we can log in each day and greet each other and hear what is happening to each and everyone.  We would love to have a Senior Chat Forum where we seniors can log in each day and talk to each other.  This would be a good way to conquer the trials of aging and deepening our humanity by accepting life for what it is and having the joy of sharing our thoughts and feeling with other seniors.  Think of this Forum as a journey to a better quality of life!



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Welcome, dandee. I'm not sure you've explored all the options available per AARP communities...


I'd recommend using the search community option as this can be very helpful.


I'd also recommend searching your interests; that can be helpful and bring up helpful chats.



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