I detest these 1 minute ads with no skip button.  Someone needs to fix this and quit holding us hostage. 

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Hi PennyS

Listen to these guys concerning Adblocker, they won't steer you wrong fer sure. I have been using it for about a year now with great results. Go Team 


You may want to look into 'adblocker' software. Some of us here use this simple and free software/ extension with our regular browser(s).


A  popular adblocker is ------>   Adblock Plus | The world's #1 free ad blocker


Please read the fine print; see what you are 'missing.'


😎     It works. 👍


Advisory Note: On some occasions an 'adblocker' will interfere or prevent a process to run/ complete on a web page or even on a log-in attempt (on what normally had run in the past) - in that case - check if 'temporarily'  shutting off the 'adblocker' may be needed - this applies to AARP and all other web browsing areas you surf. You may come to a site that pops up with a note to 'shut off your adblocker' if you want to read the rest of the article.



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I second the recommendation made by @OneDayMatisyahu.


AdBlockPlus gets rid of all the intrusive AARP approved ads and more.


I have had it added to my browser for years.


Several years ago, I was getting ads during game play on this web site from approved AARP vendors; but, AARP'S games platform was also hacked. I was getting ads from India for real estate, ads from PETA with dead animals depicted, and even homemade independent ads. It only occurred at AARP's web site when playing on their games platform.


AdBlockPlus got rid of all that.

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