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I recently saw AARP advert for Books for Seniors. I reviewed the entire selection, picked four titles 3 of which were to be book and ebook format. This offer was with Que Publishing, to check out I was prepared to use a credit card (possibly PayPal). I never got to there. 

I was required to open an account for IT Publishing, even though I was redirected to the site from my AARP sign in. I could not just complete the purchase, without completing a significant amount of information - that this company could give my information without my consent, or restriction, to its participating sub-vendors. I didn't want that, yet per  the privacy policy provided, I could not restrict their dissemination. My efforts, and choice has a reliance on AARP to make this service a positive for its members. With all the security issues out there, and some seniors not as savvy, could fill out this requirement, and receive unsolicited emails, and distribution of personal information, without approval. 

Not a good day! Sincerely, John Runta 

PS books as anticipated both book and ebook for seniors;  Win 10, iPnone 12, MS Office..... 

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@jr24014222 Thanks for this feedback. Can you let me know where you saw this ad? 

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