AARP Advocacy for members ??

I'm 78 years young and wondering if anyone uses the ATT cell phone pre-paid card system??. I've been using a pay by minute plan (10 cents per minute) for many years. It is considerably cheaper as I only use it at most 8-12 times a month. In the past your balance would roll-over until you run out of money, at which time you would add more. I received an email from ATT saying I had to add funds, knowing that I had $130.00+ in the account I contacted them and was informed that If I didn't add funds that I would lose the account balance.

This has not been their policy in the past. I added some funds until I could rectify this. My course of action is:

1. Contact AARP to see if they have an advocacy dept.

2. Send the FCC a letter and file a Compliant with them

3. Try and find the right person at ATT that would give me a reasonable explanation as to why, and then explain why they would not:

  a. Return my unpaid balance

  b. Owe me interest on all I've sent them thru the years that was used 

I consider this action fraudulent.

They can't use the excuse that it is a service that I am paying for as every time I make or receive a

call I'm paying for that service out of the funds in the account.

    Any Advice or help would be appreciated.

Bob Ward

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Donation requests, constant donation requests.  "Help seniors in need"  Has it occurred to anyone that the people they are asking to donate, which a small amount actually goes to help seniors anyway, are exactly those seniors that are in need?  Most are on a very limited budget, have limited resources, and have nothing and need more.  Stop asking the people you are stating you're helping to support you and help.

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Community Concierge

Hi @rw68881964, AARP Member Benefits Team here to help. We certainly understand your concern regarding the service provided by AT&T. We’d be happy to forward your concern to the Escalation team we work with at AT&T for their thorough review and investigation if you’d like. To do this, we will need more information. Please send me a private message in the AARP Online Community by clicking this link and entering my username, “AARPAngelaC” into the “Send to” box Please provide the following details in your message:
- AARP membership number (or home address)
- Best contact phone number
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you informing us of your concern. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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