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Truck driving video game

With the progress of how video games has come a long way since the days of Atari, there is a very useful video game for both entertainment and work.  The name of the game is "American Truck Simulator".  SCS Software in the Czech Republic is home to the production of the game.  It is more of a spin-off from 18 Wheels of Steel.  The graphics of American Truck Simulator are much better since they feature all of the components of many trucks and they have really paid attention to how one truck is built.  The game comes out with the trucks we see today.  However, just about 99% of the trucks they use in that game only comes with automatic transmissions as much of today's kids can't shift.  The little smaller box you see in the screen sadly isn't designed to recognize some of the trucks that ran in our younger days.  The trucks that ran back then sometimes came with two shift levers.  And to keep the windshield clear back then, the motor that drove the wipers were above you instead of being right in front of the dash.  There are mods for the game for if anyone prefers to drive an older truck compared to a modern-day truck.  It can also help those who want to build their own trucking company.  

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