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Spades Card Game --REQUEST!

My favorite card game is 'Spades.' (wiki)


I see the cards games AARP has, currently, here: Games - Card Games 


There's a lot of 'Solitaire,' which requires no interaction at all with the community. 


I guess I'd love to see 'Spades' introduced to the community (members and non-members), where we can play games, TOGETHER. That'd be so much fun. I'd rather know the people, than play online with bots, or absolute strangers. 🙂


Maybe there are some members here that would like that, too! 


Please consider this request from me, anyway. I think the community needs to be where they can be in the same room, while still having that competitiveness, yet using that energy to 'play cards.' 


Thanks so much for the possible consideration! 😊




I don't know how to play but I would love to learn. I enjoy most board games.

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As do I! Spades is of moderate difficulty. When playing 4-player (partnership spades), it really helps to have a great partner. There's solo spades, and for the more advanced (IMO), 3 player - which is cutthroat. Never played 2 player, which is another solo. I have played 4-player for years, but there's always something to learn. I think it's lots of fun! Keeps you on your toes.


In the meantime, you could try to play online. I still do play online, but I'd rather know some people. I don't have anyone to play with in real life, so this would be the next best thing. 




I am not keen on virtual games. I think spades is best in person. My daughter played in college and she has tried to teach me but we don't have 4 people to play so it has been a challenge. 

I would much prefer to play in person, even if it's only once every quarter...

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Great idea!!!!! I love to play spades,both singles and doubles and this would be a great venue for it.

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