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NEW! AARP Rewards Powerups in Mahjongg Dimensions

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Community Manager

NEW! AARP Rewards Powerups in Mahjongg Dimensions

We’re excited to introduce the addition of two brand new AARP Rewards PowerUps in the popular game Mahjongg Dimensions. Now AARP Rewards participants can score big. These PowerUps can double your score in any one round or you can redeem AARP Rewards points for extra time on the game clock to beat a level or even revive your game if the clock expires. You can use each PowerUp only once per game, so be strategic!


Simply login to access these new PowerUps in Mahjongg Dimensions. If you’re new to AARP Rewards, you must first create or activate your account, but this is fast, easy and free. Then click the “Redeem Rewards PowerUps” tab on the gameboard and the PowerUps panel will open -- see below. (The clock pauses while the panel is open so you won’t lose any game time while you select a PowerUp.)  You can open or close the panel and select PowerUps at any time during your game, as long as you only use each only once. Give it a try today.


mahjongg dimensions powerup.png



We hope to expand these new Rewards PowerUps to more AARP games, so please let us know what you think of them. Your feedback matters. Thanks for being a part of the AARP Games community and play on!  

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 I'm having a difficult time with the Mahjongg Dimensions game, two-thirds of my attempts to play show it is "LOADING" but never actually connects.


Like the idea of the Power Ups but since you updated the game, it's been glitching. The timer still counts down but you can't click tiles or rotate the board. Worked great before the update. I'm playing on a newer iPad with Firefox. Cleared the history and cache. Doesn't help. Please change it back or fix glitches.


 I've had it with AARP games. I can't stand the updates that make the games I play worse (such as mahjongg dimensions) and the headers and banners that keep blocking games. I've been playing AARP games for 20 years and I've reached the point where don't want to use this website any more. I found a totally free games site and that's where I'll be spending my online game time from now on. 20 years ago the 10 games you played most often were listed and easy to access. Then years later they "improved" the site and only 4 favorites were listed. Then a few years later it was down to 3;  it's annoying to go through so many menus to find a game. 


Agree. All the Mahjongg games are impossible to view completely on the screen and the top two levels of banners keep rolling down and blocking most of the game. I used to enjoy playing them but no more. I hope AARP fixes its "improvements."

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