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Get More Game Points in Right Again! Trivia

Today we’re excited to launch our new trivia game, Right Again! Trivia – Sports. But that’s not the only new release!

We’ve updated the original Right Again! Trivia game with new PowerUps and more opportunities to get game points. Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve added a new PowerUp in the main game called SweetSpot, which adds an additional 200 points to your score if you get the question right.
  • We’ve upgraded the 2x game points PowerUp to 3x — make sure you log in to access it!
  • We’ve added the SweetSpot PowerUp to the Brain Q and Final Q questions. You can use your AARP Rewards points to purchase this PowerUp.
  • We’ve increased the score multiplier on the Speedster PowerUp in the Brain Q and Final Q. It used to give you 1.5x game points if you get the question right; now it gives you 2x!
  • At the end of Round 1 and Round 4, you can view a Video Watch Bonus for extra points. We’ve doubled the number of points you get for watching it — now, you get 300 points!

Let your genius out to play today and get some additional game points!

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