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Detailed Instructions and Tips for Games, Please

I would love to see more detailed instructions for games.

For instance, I've been playing Outspell almost daily for months now, and I just stumbled upon the fact that using all 6 letters in your first move earns a bonus. 

Any other instructions and tips for improving scores (and enjoyment) would be appreciated.

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Community Manager

@LauraF282105, bigger is better—sometimes. If you use all six of your tiles on one word, you'll get an automatic 50-point bonus. But that's not the only way to gain an advantage. Look carefully for open x2 and x3 tiles, which double or triple the letter (if it's a blue tile) or word (if it's a red tile). And look extra carefully for when those tiles can create two separate words. Do that and your bonus will be counted twice!

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Sorry for the delay in replying. What I'm really looking for is more advanced information, beyond the brief game description given. For Word Wipe, is there a fixed amount for each letter (for example, 2 Hs or one X)? Will exchanging your letters give you access to a randomly generated new set?

For Bubble Shooter, will a mistake early on in the game doom you to failure or will you be able to redeem yourself? Why do bubbles sometimes disappear into thin air, as it were? What is the difference between the various bonus items?

Posting this information next to the game itself would be extremely helpful. Besides, it would make the games a lot more fun!

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