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Brand New Feature: Early Final Q in Right Again! Trivia … Requested by Players

Right Again! Trivia fans: have you ever recognized the image behind the game board way before the game’s Final Q asked you about it?

Now you can use that knowledge to receive extra game points!

The brand-new Early Final Q feature
gives players the opportunity to answer the Final Q at the end of Round 2 or Round 3. Answer the question correctly at the end of Round 2 for 400 extra points (800 total), or Round 3 for 200 extra points (600 total).

AARP Rewards participants can also redeem Rewards points for special PowerUps on the Early Final Q. Use the Speedster PowerUp and get 1.5x total points – up to 1,200 points for a correct answer!

Try out the new feature here–play today’s game or any from the last seven days (or 14 days if you’re a member) and let us know what you think. We’ll see you on the leaderboard!

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