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AARP's Space Adventure Pinball FAQ

What is Space Adventure Pinball?
Space Adventure Pinball is a fun retro game that will remind you of long days spent at the arcade when you were young! Try to rack up as many points as possible by keeping your balls in play and lighting up the point multipliers around the table.
How do I play?
To begin, simply hold your down arrow key to pull back the launcher, and release it to send the ball into play. When the ball gets close to your flippers, use your left arrow key to operate the left flipper and right arrow key to operate your right flipper. From there, send the ball around the table, lighting up as many point multipliers as you can. If your ball falls through the center hole, you can launch another one — but you have just three balls until you get a game over!
How can I determine my score?
Your score can be found in the top left corner of the screen, along with the number of balls you have left.
How do I pause the game and turn off the music?
To pause the game, click the gear in the top right of the screen. The game will automatically pause. From there, you can click the gear again to resume play, click the X icon to leave the game early and submit your score, and click the speaker icon to toggle the game's music and sound on and off.
How can I improve my score?
The best thing you can do to score high in Space Adventure Pinball is to keep the ball in play! The longer you keep your ball from falling in the center hole, the more opportunities you have to continue improving your score. However, there are plenty of point multipliers around the table that can send your score to the stratosphere! In particular, try to light up the MULTI lights at the top of the table. The order you line them up can impact your multiplier, too!

Hello,  does Pinball work on an IPad?  I’m only seeing a portion of the screen and the arrow keys will not control the flippers.  I’m guessing this was not intended to be played on an IPad?    Thank you. 

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