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8 Ball

If Admin really cared they would oust these same 5 or 6 people that keep getting these impossible scores daily. And I mean everyday. I run the table everyday 5 or 10 times a day I get 4 to 6 on the break, make 3balls in one shot, 2 in another shot only 2 opponents balls left which would give me 600 points and I would have only got 80000. These people do it everyday. Impossible!

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Hello, @ACB3, if your goal is to climb the leaderboard, the first thing you’ll want to do is increase the game’s difficulty. Playing on medium mode gives you 50% more points and playing on hard gives you 100% more.

From there, you’ll need to play precisely. Pocketing your own ball gets you 500 points; pocketing a ball without any fouls, such as scratching the cue ball, gets you 500 more. Of course, you’ll get a huge chunk of points—5,000—for pocketing the 8 ball and winning.

That’s just the start. The players who make it to the top of the leaderboard take advantage of the game’s achievements, which give bonus points unaffected by difficulty. Never missing a shot gives you 3,000 points; winning a game after fouling every shot gives you a huge 10,000 points.

Here’s the full list:

  • Leman’s shot (pocket 2 balls with opening hit): 5,000
  • One cue (win the entire game without ever letting the opponent shoot): 20,000
  • Double strike (pocket 2 balls in one shot): extra 1,000
  • Triple strike (pocket 3 balls in one shot): extra 3,000
  • Quad strike (pocket 4 balls in one shot): extra 10,000
  • Never miss (not a single shot that misses or fails to pocket): extra 3,000
  • Perfection (not a single foul): extra 2,000
  • Chain (pocket a ball after hitting at least 3 others): extra 2,000
  • Dumb luck (win a game after fouling every single shot): extra 10,000
  • Last stand (win when only an 8 ball is on the table, by pocketing it correctly): extra 5,000
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Points are not true!

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