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Would You Rather #7?

Would you rather dance every time you hear music or sing?


Dancing for me.  Great exercise, and my singing voice is terrible!  How about you?

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Sing-but I was always better at carrying a mail satchel than a tune😀!

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Steve @postman29 , Clever. 😄 At a very young age, my closest friend, who was classical trained on the piano, told me I was tone deaf.  So, I think I would be better carry just about anything else too.

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Sing but that said maybe in private.. My voice sounds like a cat in distress.. ( i hate that sound)

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@LeeS4949 😄 Very descriptive!  I think that is the same thing my kids would say about my singing voice. There's some comfort knowing others feel the same way as I do about my singing voice.

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at least when i try to sing instead of dance there's minimum risk of my straining,spraining,or pulling anything.

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Probably sing. The noise my knees make if I try dancing would ruin the music, then again so would my voice. Maybe hum.  😸  

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@Vexed , Awesome answer!😄

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