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Would You Rather #6

Would you rather be able to have  two-way conversations with 3 types of animals, or speak 3 foreign languages fluently?


I'd pick foreign languages.  Probably Spanish ( helpful here in Arizona ) and Italian ( My brother and sister-in-law just moved there, and hope to visit at some time ) Not sure what my third language would be.


How about you?


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Languages for sure. It would be so much easier to travel to other countries, especially after going to Canada numerous times and not getting much out of my high school French classes. I would like to talk to dogs though, just to ask them why they had to bite me so often on my mail route!

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Steve @postman29  🤣 Love that answer!  Hopefully you never got any serious bites!

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I think I would choose conversing with animals. Cats, horses and birds. Cats, because I want to know if what mine are saying to me is what I think they mean. Horses, because I want to ask if they like doing all the stuff people have them do. Birds, because there are so many of them and I might could get them not to target my car. 😊

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Vexed, Really like your answer.  That would be awesome if we could ask  the birds to kindly aim elsewhere.😎

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