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Why do I begin my Christmas in July ? 🙏🎄💲

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Let me begin explaining the Holidays and my take on spending .

I like raising money for my favorite causes , then it's the beginning of shopping for family abroad and passing a few booklets for Guideposts .

I have a list on limited means and postage too. I try to help everyone with a budget . It's a big bunch including my neighborhood after storms hit . Anything might be a blessing in tough times. I like keeping the original spending under 50$ -100$ . I have made DIY gifts , baked and passed out mints . I had some events and employees on my list , they were last but not least . Helping others is on it too.

My partner of eleven years has the same things to get prepared for .

We split up and conquer the world in our own way.

Here's my game plan 

1. Raise money for your church , causes and charities.

2. Use your points to give gifts to close family . 

3. I give my friends , family and neighborhood emails , texts and cards .

4. I pass out booklets for Guideposts , my church . It's sometimes 500 books. 

5. I like to give tangible goods to help the Goodwill .

6. Everyone else gets a mention in my prayers , or a wish in a free advertisement.

7. The tree is smaller and easy to get out.

8. We cook at home mostly. It's affordable .

9. Do something extra for your spouse as a gift.

10. Get plenty of rest , the holidays are stressful. 

Have a safe and blessed Holiday everyone.

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