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Viet Nam Veterans - A Tribute

If you remember the Vietnam years, you know those veterans did not come home to a cheering crowds who were proud of those men and women. We still owe them a thank you for their service.

    Watch this , and try to keep from crying:   

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As a veteran myself having served 20 years in the Army I had my share of combat deployments, my first one being Desert Storm when the public perception of our nations veterans began to swing away from the stigma of the Vietnam Era soldiers and on Jun 10 1991 my generation of Veterans didn't get spit on at the Airport but got a Ticker Tape Parade in NYC. I am the son of 2 Vietnam Veterans so am well aware of both ends of the spectrum. For whatever the reason the shift in opinion occured it was and is long overdue for the Vietnam era veteran to be thanked so from one Vet to another, to all the Men and Women who sacrificed their youth in Vietnam ... WELCOME HOME!!

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