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Three Talents or Skills?

If you could instantly have three talents or skills that you excelled at, what would they be, and why?


Speak a foreign language fluently , Draw really well and Sing like a professional. The foreign language, to be able to converse with more people when I travel.  Draw, so I could illustrate books.

The singing, just for fun.


Bronze Conversationalist

I'd love to be able to sing better, be a stand up comedian, or be adept at playing the piano or guitar. 

Social Butterfly

Steve the @postman29  Hey it's never to late.  Where would you want to perform as a stand up comedian? 

Bronze Conversationalist

Small venues and family gatherings. I just like to put smiles on people's faces. It makes me happy.😀

Social Butterfly

Steve the @postman29  I'll stop by and use my newly acquired skills of singing like a professional, drawing like an artist, and speaking Spanish like a native.😃

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