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Things I will do when I get old.

It is interesting to see a person's perspective on when they will be old.  


A newpaper article made me think about that.  When will I be old?  I know I am not young now but am I old?  and what does that mean to me.   When we think about the restrictions that older age brings, do we fail to see ourselves progressing to that point or are we proactive in making plans ahead of time.


When will you be old?   and what will you do then?



Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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I was essentially raised by my grandparents,at least the formative single digit and teen years. One day ,about age 7 or 8 I guess,I looked up at gramps and said,"gee gramps .you're really old huh. He smiled that crooked grin I miss so much and said "bub (he called me bub,long story) we cant help but age but we don't have to get old". It was his simple way to send the message that although we all collect years its what we do with those years that counts. That little drip of grandfatherly advice has kept me hovering around 10 years old in my heart for a long while now. One day,not that far off I'll finally thank him him for those words. Then we'll go fishing together again.

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When I get old, one major thing I will do is .... be old! 

Beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see.

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My personal belief is to live until I transition from Planet Earth to my next destination wherever GOD will land me next. We have no control over our day of arrival in Earth down to the nanno second nor do we have any control over our assigned departure date for I truly believe each person's round trip ticket from one destination to the next is in ink before our journey begins. We do not call the shots...our Creator does. It is done. What we do between the first breath to the last breath is hopefully share the BEST GIFT we've been given with others and that's who GOD sent us to Earth to be. We are to be kind to one another, share the Love of GOD with everyone we come in contact with by JUST BEING US...nothing fake about that. Just do you and all will go as planned. We are simply like one huge puzzle being put together nicely and will one day get to see the whole puzzle and what it all stands for. I believe it will truly take our breath away. 🙂
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"I truly believe each person's round trip ticket from one destination to the next is in ink before our journey begins. We do not call the shots..."


I've thought on that many times through the years. However, my experience has shown that we can ( to a certain extent) determine and make our own journey here on earth.

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Things I’ll Do Differently When I’m Old


Soon after my 50th birthday, 10 years ago, I started keeping a list of “Things I will do/things I won’t do when I get old.”

It was a highly judgmental, and super secret, accounting of all the things I thought my parents were doing wrong. My dad lied chronically about taking his meds. He refused to get a hearing aid, telling others to “up their audio” (he had been a television producer). My mom smoked behind my back (she thought) until the day she was diagnosed with lung cancer. 

It was all too easy to call them out, and I recognized over and over just how awful it is to become feeble, sick and increasingly absent-minded, or worse.

Over the next decade I accumulated many pages of dos and don’ts, even as I fretted about exactly when I’d be old enough to start following my own advice. Recently I heard a sociologist on the radio call people in their early 60s, “the young old.” I imagine that my “young adult” nieces might consider me “old, old” already, but I don’t feel ready yet to start taking my own advice. I’m still working on building my list, not implementing it.

Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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I enjoyed the article very much..   most of my friends and I have often shared stories about our parents as we have gone through the aging process and then the loss of our parents.. we talk about how things changed, how they had to adapt and how sometimes they did not want to.  The list of issues could be long; our parents did not want to stop driving

our parents did not want to give up living alone

our parents did not want to wear their hearing aids

our parents did not want to go out and get exercise

our parents did not want to take their meds


and looking at this list..  will we want to do these things  ..  I think you all know the answer to that.  So then what ?  


Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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