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I have always had allergies to animals. I  am told it is their fur. Not hair, but fur. Even with the allergies, I have had many various pets. I love animal. I had several for many years and became very attached to them. I still mourn years after because I miss them. They were a great blessing and brought joy into my life. Although they were close to me , I had limitations with them. They were behaved. Allowed in certain areas and under control. I never took them on vacations or camping with me. I had a sitter to watch them. I did not like someones pet bothering me while camping or on the beach etc. and I would not impose that on others. I support those who have actual service animals. Real service animals. It used to be taboo for pets to be in a store or restaurant unless they were there for handicapped folks like the blind.  When you have animals and food together, I don't feel they belong there. Almost everywhere I go now, there they are. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but that is how I feel. When you have allergies, or maybe you just don't like animals, and you are in a confined space like an airplane we as humans need our space too. Often the pet owners cannot accept that you don't just love their little pooky, you can't resist them . And they should be allowed to go anywhere. Not all people feel that way. I really do love animals ! But there is a time and a place for them.

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I agree. I know real, or at least welll-trained, service dogs when I see them. I wouldn't mind the others so much if the owners kept from away from me. Not everyone loves your Boo the way you do.

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