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Motivation: Don't Stop Me Now

When I'm down, or unmotivated, Queen saves the day.  Ironically it's the song "Don't Stop Me Now."

I can't help but smile and dance when that song is played. It's awesome for cleaning the house. 


What gets you motivated?  

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@Rhymesometimes Just shutting off the depressing television and putting on the radio or a favorite CD gets my motivation way up!

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Steve the @postman29  music is transformative!  We are watching less and less on tv too.

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If I need to get things done in a hurry, I think of the song that used to play in the background on the Ed Sullivan show as the guy was spinning those plates on those poles.


It is called The Sabre Dance.


Here is a link on YouTube:

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@nctarheel That's awesome!

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