Looking to Date in the Washington DC area?

Hello All,


I live in D.C proper and am looking for dates in the Washington D.C. area. I like sporting events, especialy the NATS, Mystics, CAPS, and UNITED, but all D.C teams. I am not a cat or ferret person, but I do love dogs and most other pets. Musically my taste is quite ecclectic... Sinatra to Rare Essense, Mozart to Rival Sons, Zepplin to EWF. I no longer go to see major artists in concert a little more fiscally responsible nowadays, but I do love music. I'm known to be be quite funny and have a great sinse of humor. I can be an extrovert, but I also know how to allow others to spread their wings as well. I'm 6'0 with more extra pounds than my doctor or I would like, but working on it, age 54. Have been to most states in the U.S, and several continents, but never to the far east or Australia. Living life with very minimal drama and would love to keep it that way, and enjoying time with adult kids when it presents itself, kids... (photos below)


I'm looking for a self sufficient, positive, progressive thinking, left leaning woman that I can conversate, laugh, and debate with while still be interested in romatically(race unimportant). She must atleast be able to solve the simple riddle, C.D. (my name) stands for Christmas Day, however my birthday is on 09/25, why?


Trump voters, or supporters unwelcomed, unless it's for debating purposes only. 


All responses with notify me via email, please include a recent picture, possible contact information if interested, and a little something about yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read this message and good luck in your dating experiences.



C.D. in D.C.


X-Mas 2018X-Mas 2018Nats Game picture.jpg



I read your post with interest. This is my first attempt to reach out to someone through AARP but I'm always willing to try something new.  

So the answer to your riddle, you were conceived on Christmas Day!


i too love many types of music but jazz is my #1 favorite. I have not been dating for some time for a number of reasons but I find I spend too much time alone and want to have someone in my life to talk to and spend time with. I like both cats and dogs. I am from DC and love the city though I presently live and work in Baltimore. I have not done nearly as much traveling as you though I have been to half to 2/3 of the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. 


I am well educated and work in health care. I too have a few extra pounds that are leaving this year. I am enclosing a picture from my office holiday party which is way over the top but its what they do. I am the one in the middle with two of my colleagues. I am sooo not a Trump supporter I can't see straight. 


if you would like to contact me, you may reach me through this site for the present time. Hope to hear from you.



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Hi Susan,


Thank you so very much for your kudos, and offer. However, I do think the distance would be a big factor in this not being a connection. Goodluck in your endeavors online, I know it can be difficult.


Have a great new year!!!!!!


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