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Looking back can be tinged with amnesia…

Periodic Contributor

Looking back can be tinged with amnesia…

Just for a short time this morning I didn’t feel like a 73 year old BOOMER! Although  I never “let my freak flag fly”or even “inhaled” back in the 60s and early 70s I hung out with plenty of people who did. So David Crosby’s passing Deja vu”ed”  me hard. “I had been there before”…long hair, bell bottoms flashing a peace sign and protesting the war. Long philosophical ramblings with my college friends,who did inhale while we gazed  at a lava lamp in my parents’ basement. Of course it also took me back to  deferments and those I knew who didn’t get one or “lost the lottery” or their life. It was a brief ‘quantum leap’ this  morning, which I enjoyed for a few minutes…but it wasn’t until I started to write down these thoughts that I realized I couldn’t just keep this light and humorous. My long ago boyfriend (now my husband )and I will raise a toast tonight to those “good old” days ,but I’ll remember some of it is nostalgic amnesia.

Periodic Contributor

Country Joe and the Fish did a lot of anti-Viet Nam stuff.  I was over there, so I didn't pay much attention.

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