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Grandmother's Attic

As my mind allows me to travel back in time, I remember trips with my daughters to my mom and dad’s lake house in Illinois. When they were four and five, my mom, their Grandmother, would entertain them by climbing up into the attic to retrieve and share with them the toys that I grew up with as a child. The toys were carefully brought down the attic steps and spread out on the living room floor. All three of them sitting on the floor for hours playing with Tinkertoy’s, Lincoln Logs, and Lego’s these building sets were a fun way for them to exercise their creativity and use their imagination.


Connect 4 was a fan favorite and an exciting strategy game. Up off the floor and onto the kitchen table, they would pull out a deck of cards and play Crazy Eights, a game that requires both focus and patience, as you may know, in Crazy eights, concentration is key. 


My dad, "Grandfather," loved to tell stories and read my daughter’s books. Books that were stored in the attic until the magical time when we came to visit. Hours were spent reading as they teetered on Grandfather’s rocking chair, listening intently to the wonderful stories.

Years later, when they were older, Grandmother taught the girls the game of Rummikub. A game that reinforced skills of sequencing, pattern recognition, and planning. I still enjoy playing this game with my daughters today.


As my thoughts travel into the future, I have visions of my daughters visiting me with their children in tow. When that joyous day comes, I will entertain and play with the Grandkids I dream about now. At this point I’m not sure what they will be calling me, however, like their Grandmother, I will retrieve the games and stuffed animals from their past that are stored in the attic. 

What toys are in your “Attic”?

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