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My favorite animal organization is generating more and more good information on dog (and dog-owner) behavior in an effort to keep good dogs in good homes and empower people to bring out the best in their dogs. Here's a question they'd like me to ask everyone, so they can help the greatest number of people: "How do you prefer to learn about new things and expand upon your skills?"

(1) By reading a good book.

(2) By listening to a good audiobook.

(3) By watching online videos

(4) By hiring someone to walk you through things in person.

(5) "Why should I learn new's all my dog's fault!"

(6) "I've got a good enough grasp on all things canine, since I've had dogs most of my life."

(7) "Eek! My dog and I need help with ______ (fill in the blank) NOW!"

Feel free to use multiple answers, if that best works for you. 🙂

The resources that they offer so far can be seen at and the youtube channel of the same name.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm a visual learner, and online tutorials are my jam. I also like in-person learning as well. So 3 and 4 are my choices!

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