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Epileptic dog

My 5 year old mix breed shelter rescue, started having seizures 2 years ago. I have 2 other small rescue dogs as well. He has severe Gran Mal seizures and they seem to have gotten more severe in the 2 years. He is on Phenobarbital and Keppra. His liver enzymes go up each blood test and I am not sure what we will do if/when he has to come off the Phenobarbital.
I have him in a large plastic crate at night and when I have to leave, so if he seizes, he has room to thrash without hurting himself. He was in a metal crate and I would find him during the night, while seizing, with his mouth latched on it. This crate he cannot do that.
To top that off, he has severe separation anxiety from me. I can't leave him uncrated because I was warned, by the Vet, the other dogs could attack and kill him, it's their nature, even if they are the sweetest dogs ever. Anxiety meds have the opposite effect on him, they make him drunk but make him extremely hyper.
I am now a doggie caregiver and cannot go anywhere unless my husband is home to be with the dog.
I qualify for an emotional support dog as my blood pressure is low and will drop suddenly and I pass out without notice. But this adorable dog barks at people and growls... not biting , just barking growling. So I cannot train him.
I am falling out of my circle of girlfriends as they don't call anymore knowing I cannot go out.
My husband is a part time musician/soundman and I cannot take a dog to these places due to the loud music. I don't think he will allow the earmuffs to be on his head. They are quite expensive for something that is highly unlikely to work.
I travel twice a year with friends and family, but I am at home all the time. Husband still works.
We have a lot of musical equiptment here and hubby is not comfortable with a dog sitter.
This dog is like a child to me.
Any advice? I know I didn't leave much room for any, but I will entertain any advice.

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