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Does Anyone Else Foster Animals?

I am a foster mom to cats and kittens.  I work with a great rescue group.  It is hard to see your kitten babies leave, but the people adopting go through screening and when you see how happy they are to get these kittens who have had all shots, are spayed or neutered, tested for any disease, treated for fleas, and have a chip, then you know a good home with lots of attention and love will happen.  The only thing the rescue group asks is to make a donation if one is able.  It is not a requirement.  A good home, lots of love and good care is what is most important.  

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I used to work in a humane society, I was known as the Cat Lady (sometimes with a 'crazy' put in there)  I fostered baby kittens who had been brought in, until one of our regular fosters could take them.  I fostered an adult cat who was having cage issues.  (kept him for two months, my two ladies (both calico) were not happy)  I took him back when someone wanted to see him for possible adoption.  I'm happy to say that Charlie was adopted that day.  

I do want to say that fostering is one of the greatest things sometimes.  If you  have a bit of room in your home and heart to take one of those animals who have been at your local humane society for even a couple of weeks it can make all the difference in their lives.  Who may even find a new 'bestest friend' of your own.

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🐾 Soosie
I admire your emotional strength . . .
I would be the ultimate *foster failure*

♥ Shelties are not my whole life ∽ but they make my life whole ♥
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