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Do you agree that choice of car changes as you age?

There are cars now marketing to older drivers with features making it easier to get in and out of a car, blind spot warnings and more.  What do you think have you changed cars for some of these features?


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To Budbilt: I don't know what your budget is, but I think you should test a VW Jetta, especially if you were to stumble onto a GLI. Check out a Golf GTI as well. Only you would know if these cars satisfy all your needs. For a little more luxury, try an Audi S4. If within your budget, try the new Civic Si or Civic R.

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@rladdi wrote:

It is laughable to say "chip-driven" cars can go wrong more.  This is really the sign of not being very tech oriented.  Need we go back to the hay eating animals?   

I did have a new Ford, where the chip did go wrong.  I was driving down a road.  Everything stopped. no steering, brakes, etc.  Had to have a wrecker haul it to the dealership.  And this board costs over $400. to replace, thank god for the warranty.  


But even appliances now use chips, it the coming of age, 

@rladdi Well I beg to differ (for one, @retiredtraveler was an IT guy) but for another, DH is a software engineer and our last car was ordered directly from the factory so we could avoid all the smart tech options (read: internet connections that can be hacked and which we will soon enough see being used for terror). I'd say going low tech with a new car just might be a sign of uber tech savvy. 🙂


@AARPTeri DH and I are so weird: we will probably have Jeeps well into our 80s. We love 'em. (They are anything but easy to get into. A person as to climb up into one.)

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Yes, I just purchased a new car and make sure I had all the safety features to help me be safe on the road.  

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