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Changing Face of American Veterans

While researching another topic I ran across this article.

Although it was written in 2017 the topics are interesting.


The population of Veterans who know what it’s like to have public support now outnumbers those that don’t, Gulf War era vs. Vietnam era (Welcome Home to you all that didn’t get the ticker tape parade ceremony we did after Desert Storm, and Thank-You for your service!)

I’m curious to know if the shift in policy of allowing women to serve in Combat Jobs now will have an effect on the demographic profile of Veterans as listed in #3 of the article. Currently 9% Female (as of 2016) expected to be 18% by 2045…I agree a rather long time frame for expectations though.

Low favorability rating of the VA, not surprising. What is interesting though is hearing the majority of people who if in charge of the Federal Budget would increase Veterans Benefits and Services over 14 other federal agencies.



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