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Bathing cats and other extremes

Ok, I admit it, my MissieMae is a fat cat.  She was fat when I adopted her, (22 pounds of ragdoll mix kitty) and is still about the same after nearly 9 years.  Due to her breed, she also does not really have much of a neck. order to make sure she is clean, I must bathe her. 

Now, I do have a certain edge in this.  Her former owner declawed her.  I do NOT agree with declawing cats.  Even if said cat is a total house cat and wil never touch grass outside, it is still wrong.  Still...if you must bathe a cat, at least this way I'm not ending up needing to go to the emergency room.  (unless I keel over while lifting my lady out of the tub....)

I have found out a few things in the past years.  Fleas can hang on under the most extreme water pressure.  Cats have a very wide range of vocalizations, and sometimes you want to wash their mouths out with soap, you KNOW what they are saying.  A 'scrubby' can be a useful item when washing said cat.  Gets all the fur clean, gets all those places clean, just remember to put it in with your 'cat supplies' so you don't forget and use it for yourself.  (or your granddaughter...although at times, they are both just as filthy)  Mostly, when bathing a cat,make sure you have at least two towels ready.  One to put the cat on after the bath,one to rub the cat down, and then wrap the cat and hold them until they purr.  Easy enough with Missie, she is a total love bug, for a cat.  Of course, when she sees me getting her bath ready, I'm sure she is more than ready to change her attitude. my Mother said, do it often enough and cats accept baths.  

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@m496672s, I thoroughly enjoyed your post! This sounds like great advice. We'd love to meet Missie, may we see a few pics next time?!

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