6 Hour AARP Smart Driver Course - Anyone There Open to A Customer's Feedback??

Two people may see the same thing, but they may interpret it differently. I take issue with the "Lanes and Line Marker" diagram that is used for self testing purposes in Unit 3 of the 6 hour AARP Smart Driver Course. The diagram shows a two lane road divided by a solid, double yellow line in the road's center. The top lane shows a red car and a green YES to the right. The bottom lane shows a blue car and a red NO to the right. (I assume that the orientation of the cars indicates direction of travel.)

The instructions above the diagram are: "Look at each image and decide whether or not each car is permitted to pass each other. Select the correct answer: Is either car permitted to pass in this situation?

The DESIRED ANSWER is "NO. Crossing a solid, double line is not permitted unless you are turning into a driveway, when permitted in your state."

I interpret the diagram differently and say YES. Cars are going in opposite directions and are in separate lanes. The cars will logically physically PASS each other without either car crossing the solid double yellow line. I apply the same logic to the diagram with four lanes divided by a double solid yellow line in the middle.

To preclude misunderstanding and reinforce the course's learning point that one can not cross the solid double yellow lie, I recommend that the first diagram be changed to show both cars in the same lane going the same direction. Also, delete the four lane diagram.

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