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automated accumulation of daily points'd be GREAT!

Tis a pain to manually track how many points one's gained during a day.  Tis also a pain to hit the max  and still be pursuing 1-2, maybe 3 additional vids or quizzes and you won't get points.




Wish you had SOMETHING that tracked how many daily points one's accumulated in real time.  Kind of like a posted real time total within the transaction history.




If you only accum 6000 points one day, why not allow for a 9k max the next type arrangement.  Or even simpler, allow max point earnings to be 7x7500 per week.  The daily max is a little constrictive.



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A Daily Points Earned Counter would be great!

Of course, they would have to earn my trust.  The transaction history is not always accurate the first time I refresh it, but usually gives me good data, if I refresh the page transaction page twice.  If I could keep a tab in my browser open that had a daily points earned counter and update it as I finish activities in another tab, it would be much less bother to keep track.  @AARPTeri 



Each day before I begin any activities, I write down how many points I have.  I then add 7500 to that number and that is the approximate max total I can reach by the end of the day. (Taking into account that one can earn slightly more by picking and choosing activities).  I know how many I earned at any given point by refreshing the earn page and doing a simple subtraction.  

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