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Community Manager

Staying Sharp Ted Talks are back for points starting 8/25/2023

The following AARP Staying Sharp Ted Talks are up and you can earn those points for watching them!  Check them out here:


The emotions behind your money habits 

How to build your creative confidence - 

What makes muscles grow? - 

How long should your naps be? 

What fear can teach us 

What is the link between stress and memory? 

Stay calm when you're stressed 

How does your brain respond to pain? 

How your brain tells you where you are 

How to live passionately at any age 

How can exercise support mood and memory? 

Want to be happy? Be grateful 

Why our screens make us less happy 

The hidden power of smiling 

Can playing an instrument benefit your brain? 

How books can open your mind 

The benefits of a bilingual brain 

10 ways to have a better conversation 

Bronze Conversationalist

I would love to see new recipes in Staying Sharp, preferably the ones explained in one or two minutes. 

Please suggest it to the progamming folks. Thank you.

Community Concierge

@a170938b Thanks for your suggestion! I have taken note of your feedback for our team to review. You may also be interested in checking out this article on the Staying Sharp site if you haven't already:

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