Quizzes With Question #4 = Glitch/ Errors

Update: 'Glitch/ errors' continue with various quizzes with Question # 4 .....  

I'm seeing a pattern of 'glitches/ errors' with question number 4 amongst various quizzes - I suspect there will be more... 😒 ...
See posts below from other members who 'caught the errors'. thanks for posting.
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I noticed all these glitches (and more but just now I realized it occurred on question 4 all the time:

9 Common Job Interview Questions That Are Tricky to Answer

Quiz Progress 4/9
Your resume shows you didn’t work for a few years. What happened?
AWhen you think you need new glasses
BWhen you develop a sty
CEvery one to four years, depending on your age
DWhen your eyes are red and weepy

It appears to be question 4 on random quizzes that are in error. I just did the quiz "Use Social Media for Job Searching". And here is question 4:

Send LinkedIn requests to as many people as possible; the goal is to max out your number of connections.

A. Rosalind Russel

B. Babara Stanwyck

C. Deborah Kerr

D. Gloria Swanson


Also on the Quiz of starting your own business on Question 4/10 :


Which government agency helps Americans start, build and grow businesses?


A. 41 percent

B. 51 percent

C. 61 percent

D. 71 percent


I saw another one the other day but can't remember what quiz it was.

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Ha ha. Answer is obviously E Breakfast at Tiffany’s because the food would be very, very rich.


And what about this one?


Quiz: Are You Happy at Work?


Employees who telecommute tend to be happier.

A Straight

B Left

C Right

D It doesn't matter

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These are examples of work quality that is:


A Slipshod

B Slovenly

C Slapdash

D All of the above


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Hi there 

I've not tried these quizzes But Thanks for the laughs from reading your posts here... that's really freaky😏 & unreal😕 think these errors exist... what a pity

never recall seeing anything like these examples in past

Weird indeed...

Good luck 

Ginger  ;  )

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