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Quiz Problems and Impossible Instant Wins

The Rewards program seems to be getting worse.  When I am more than halfway through a quiz, the quiz jumps back to the beginning of the quiz and I have to start over.  This is not happening with every quiz but it is happening often enough to make me question why I am even doing the program.  Also, after doing a few quizzes, I have to clear history and close my iPad and restart the iPad.  This was not happening to me prior to this past week.  What changed?


My other complaint is that AARP has made the Instant Wins impossible to win.  In the past, I have won some Instant Wins.  But no more.  Since they have extended each Instant Win over seven days for the 100 rewards, it is now impossible to win (at least for me).

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Diana, tech support in their infinite wisdom decided to improve things.

AARP Rewards doesn't play nice with iPads. I gave up long time ago and went back to my laptop

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@11320cs   I have not had the quiz problem but have only done the new ones of late.  You are totally right about the instant wins.  The change makes it seven times less likely to ever win an instant win.   I, too, won several in the past but no more.  Hello World (the company that does the program for AARP) seems to think they can fool members into thinking there are more prizes.   There are exactly the same number of instant wins awarded per week, but leaving them up for a week makes it very unlikely a member will actually win one of them.  I think the intent is to extract 7x more points per member for one to take every opportunity to try for the instant wins.   I rarely try anymore unless it's something I really want which of course, I don't get.

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