May 2022 Extra Credit Rewards

Another new month of Extra Credit Rewards activities 


Update  5-1-22  by noon-ish The Extra Credit Rewards Section is operating normally. You will be able to complete your quiz's and video's; open/ earn your Extra Credit Rewards.  👍



Starbucks  eGift Card   EC- Members Only  Sold Out

$5.00 Value        14,000 Points


Sephora  eGift Card     EC- Members Only  Sold Out

$5.00 Value     12,000 Points



The Container Store  Gift Card     Extra Credit - Members Only
$5.00 Value      15,000 Points


Harry & David  Gift card      Extra Credit - Members Only
 $5.00 Value       11,000 Points



Buca di Beppo®   Gift Card      Extra Credit - Members Only
$5.00 Value    10,000 Points


Cost Plus World Market®    Gift Card     Extra Credit - Members Only
$5.00 Value    12,500 Points



Social Butterfly

I'm sorry others had more trouble than me, however...


I started the Extra Regret-it Rewards at a couple of minutes after midnight.  All of the gift cards for the program were shown in the Redeem section immediately, all $5.  I didn't see anything that I liked, however, I pounded away on the videos and quizzes that would come up after refreshing page after page and opening what I could find from several different parts of the redeem offers, and multiple EC screens.


I was hoping that something that I wanted would show up before I completed the tasks at around 12:20AM ET.  It was a struggle to finish but it worked from me.


Nothing new came up for the Extra Regret-It Rewards, so, it was a waste of time.  The early bird gets the, well...<nothing>.  All of the "rewards" were available to me after completing the tasks; but, there wasn't anything I wanted.


Note: I use the Chrome browser on a laptop.


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Hi  @andrewtoo

Extra Regret-it Rewards

hahahaa 😸good one! 🤣 

Take care ~Allen

Trusted Contributor

@OneDayMatisyahu @cathykabutan Have you at least been able to get in and do the lessons?

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I pretty much had the same experience as you had: seem to have started well on the first set ( I completed the second set - first ) then just started a new set and then it degraded into utter nonsense.


In the mean time I tried some 'other' earn point activities and getting a few 'sorry no points' errors or getting glitched out and need 'to re-log in again' and see a waiting bar go on endlessly ( as been previously mentioned by a host of other folks these days).



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Not working for me either. First, I watched one of the videos and I got the "Sorry no points this time". Now, nothing comes up.

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It started off so well for me. Breezed through the first lesson... then saw that there was absolutely nothing I would redeem for in any of the lessons. NOTHING. I decided to do the rest of the lessons anyway and halfway through the second is when I started getting the spinning circles and blank pages. I hope they offer something worthwhile for points during the month... although I usually miss out on those since I'm at work during the week when they post them.

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@MichelleM50204   You are so right.   At least I didn't stay up until 3 a.m. trying.   @OneDayMatisyahu  Thanks for posting the list.   I did the first set just now (6:30 a.m. EST) and saw six in each section.   Is that what was there immediately?   Didn't see any sold outs, but nothing I need or anything worth the effort...again this month.   I would complain (again) about the lateness of the hour posted for those in the Eastern Time Zone.  But why bother?   

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agree with

"nothing I need or anything worth the effort...again this month"




Me too!

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