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Fitbit Points not awarded

Good morning.  Please apply adjustments for 10K steps completed Saturday 10/29, along with the points for 30K miles weekly that are usually automatically applied on Sunday morning never showed up yesterday either. Not sure if there's a problem with your system, but want to let you know that even though I got points for 5K steps both Saturday and Sunday (and I am sure to sync my Fitbit  throughout the day everyday), it was hours before the points showed up in my AARP account - where normally, they appear within MINUTES of my Fitbit reaching 5K (even without a forced sync). 

Thank you for your assistance!

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@LindaJoy53 Got it. I was able to process this adjustment for you; the added points can be seen here: You know where to find me if you need anything further!

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Thank you so much, Janelle.   Just to let you know, the system was back to normal yesterday - AARP awarded my 5k and 10k points within minutes of meeting those goals.  Have a great day!


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@LindaJoy53 You are most welcome! Thank you for that update, I'm glad your points are being credited now. Have a wonderful day!

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