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I apologize if this has been suggested before.    It would be so helpful if another filter was added to the earn activities.  This would be one that eliminates activities that you can no longer earn points for.  Once a monthly task is done, it would disappear from that long long long scrolling list until the next month.   Same with the daily activities which would reappear the next day.   This would be a real time saver.



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Guys, come on, and get rid of the Seymore Monster ! No Way

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Hello @MemberS2006 @HokiePoq @rednexsrus 


I agree with Lucy, go away Seymore😉  The added filters have been requested since the first day of new program.


Have a Blessed & Safe Day


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I would especially like to see the filter for the daily videos.Its time consuming to go through all the videos.I actually made a folder and bookmarked daily videos and placed them in the folder so I can just click what I know is daily.Videos is the main way to earn points once all other offers are done for the month.So 25 videos to reach 7500 points takes a lot of time.I would watch more variety if they could be filtered as daily.

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