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Announcing a New Way to Earn – Staying Sharp Challenges


What are Staying Sharp Challenges?

They are fun and interactive challenges focused on different aspects of brain health, such as memory, focus and problem-solving. Each challenge is comprised of multiple activities that include games, puzzles, quizzes, and articles.


How do I earn points for the Staying Sharp Challenges?

Each challenge is made up of several activities that help you learn, practice and apply new skills you can incorporate into your daily life and take a little longer than completing the average quiz or video. Once all activities within the challenge are completed you will earn 1,050 points!


Where can I find Staying Sharp Challenges?

The latest challenges are always included on the Earn Page ( and labeled as “Challenge”. These activities will continue to evolve over time, so be sure to check out the earn page on a regular basis for new challenges.


How often can I earn points for Staying Sharp Challenges?

Each Staying Sharp Challenge is unique and eligible to earn points one time only at completion.


Who is eligible to participate in the Staying Sharp Challenges?

You must be an AARP Member to participate and earn points for these challenges.


Happy Learning!

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