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A New Way to Learn. More Ways to Earn. Deeper discounts.

What’s better than a new way to learn with more ways to earn?


One that comes wrapped with all kinds of surprises and ways to get even more value out of AARP Rewards. Extra Credit is just that ... an easy way to dive even deeper into a topic with a monthly bundle of activities that gives you access to exclusive savings once you complete them. From learning new fitness moves at home to better understand the value of your membership, we want to ensure you’re armed with the essentials to navigate through life with confidence. New lessons and saving opportunities every month!


Spring into April’s three lessons and earn access to exclusive rewards including 20% off gift cards and special points-only deals! Plus, you can now purchase up to 3 gift cards from a retailer per month!


Move to the top of the class!

Get Started with Extra Credit





Beginning 4/2, individual participants may now purchase up to 3 gift cards from a retailer per month, up to a total of 3 gift cards per month. This is an update to the previous rule of 1 retailer per month.

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Hi Teri,


I am rather confused by your email on extra credit as well as the comments given in another post by some members. Therefore I have some questions which I hope you will answer.

1- Can this extra credit be done on a computer / lap top? I saw correspondence concerning apps and smart phone and so I wonder. My cell phone is not that smart, you see.

2- Do a dicounted gift card or a point only item from the extra credit program count toward the 3 monthly redemption or are they extra like the extra credit?

3- The AARP Rewards program has been very disappointing from the beginning and has improved only slightly so far. I wonder what was the rationale behind creating another layer that might appear elitist. I hope you can clarify this point.

I would truly appreciate if you could take the time to answer all of my 3 questions. I am sure that other members are interested in your answers as well.

Thank you so much in advance.

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Community Manager



Extra Credit Lessons can be completed on a computer, laptop or mobile phone as all other activities in the program are completed today. One of the three featured April lessons includes the AARP Now App Download. This app can be downloaded to a tablet or smart phone. The AARP Now App has been an activity that’s been included in the program since Rewards launched.


Yes, the same redemption limits apply to Extra Credit rewards. You can now purchase up to 3 gift cards from the same retailer per month which is an update to the previous limit.


Extra credit is an enhancement to the monthly bundle learning that was previously featured in the program. Completing a bundled extra credit lesson unlocks deeper discounts. The vast majority of the catalog can still be accessed without completing the monthly lessons including sweepstakes, daily instant wins and discounted gift cards.

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Hi Teri,


I thank you for your prompt answers.

If downloading the app on a tablet or a smart phone is part this month extra credit (at the beginning it seems?), I guess I will not be able to earn the extra credit, is it correct?

If this is the case, maybe next month will not need the app and I could try.


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@a170938b   I don't know if you noticed it, but there are 3 different 'extra credit lessons'.  Only the first one requires the download of the AARP app.  The other two can be completed and those extra redemptions are unlocked.  

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Hi AARPTeri,


I'm having the same issue that I did last month (with a TopGolf Gift Card), plus another now with my Extra Credit attempt this morning.


Problem #1:

I watched the 6 Extra Credit videos for the 'Live Where You Love' section.

The gift cards available for that section opened up.

I clicked on the Wayfair card to redeem for 1 card.

When it got to the "Just making sure..." button, I Confirmed.

Then, instead of the Transaction Confirmation, another "Just making sure..." showed up.

I DID NOT click on the button the 2nd time.

I was unable to view my Transaction History, but it looked like double points were taken out of my account again.

I checked my email, and about 5 min later, 2 AARP Rewards Confirmation emails showed up.


Problem #2:

When I opened the emails, neither of the URL links to redeem the cards worked. 


I only intended on getting 1 Wayfair card.

Points for 2 cards taken from my account.

URL link to redeem card didn't work on either email.


What should I or you do now?




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Community Manager

@tesuga   We are looking into this now and will get back to you asap.  Thanks for letting us know!

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