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travel update for 2022

What's your travel plan for 2022?  Covid is real and will be here for some time. so we have to learn to co-exist. i STILL WEAR A MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE, AND SANITIZER AND SANITIZER, so in saying that ,some of my friends are not wanting to travel for the next year. not me!. and I have no problem with them staying home but I'm going. YOUR THOUGHTS?


In 2021 traveled from WI to NE to visit family.  I'm a nurse going on 70 and amazingly had been able to avoid COVID up to that point.  Got COVID on that trip. 😅 Where or when God only knows but passed it to both husband and brother who were with me on the trip.  We all recovered. The only regret I had was that I had to miss work for a while on return.  COVID is here to stay and does not stop me from traveling. Go and enjoy! 


Hi there!

Since covid is unpredictable, I've been taking short trips throughout Northern California for the past years and half. Spent a week in Seattle December 2021. So many steps to go thru for the simplest things--but had a great time and didn't catch covid from either trip!


I'm going to Phoenix from Nebraska soon. I've gone in 2020 & 21. I flew, wearing a mask. I didn't get Covid either time! My husband stays home scared, Not Me! 

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