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Where I want to travel

Jamaica or Hawaii it has always been my dream. I see the commercial on TV and say to myself, one day God is going to bless me to go to one of these places. I was a single mother raising 3 kids by myself. Didn’t get a chance to experience nothing in my younger years. I’m a 50+ lady and  every time I plan to go to Jamaica, something always comes up and all my plans get cancel. Can you make a dream come true for me?

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Only you with the help of God who gave you breath can make your dreams come true. At70 +., i always love to travel. my friend was always "going to " and I waited on them and then they didn't go. so many reasons. so a friend told me to sit and wait. and you have plenty of company there and when it was over you be wishing you had gone. so I started going alone and then found out there were others who start out alone but end up with friends. when i can't go i have all those pictures and friends I've met but no regrets. off to Cincinnati than to Miami and on to a cruise. summer is just starting. my children "may" come to visit for new Year but their best bet is to come for Christmas, i am cruising into 2024.

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With all due respect, wishing and hoping never gets you anywhere. Don't fall into the trap of convincing yourself that there are obstacles preventing you when most likely, the obstacle is YOU. 


Trust me, it took me 20 years to go to my dream destination, Paris... I had every excuse in the book: Single mom, not the right time, too broke.... But I didn't realize or understand that I had to prioritize what was important to me. If I had clothes with the price tags still on it, how "broke" was I really?


Some soul searching made me realize that in my heart of hearts, I didn't believe that people like me could travel. I thought it was for rich people and rich people only. I had to change that mindset.


Also, RESPECTFULLY, leave God out of it. He's not a travel agent. He gives us freewill. If you're willing, YOU can make it happen. What I am trying to say is you have the power to make it happen. Don't put off what you have the power to do yourself on any thing else. 


Good luck! 




Charlene, I would recommend you start by contacting AARP Travel Agent for ideas and advice how to get started.  Hawai'i is easy, but for Jamaica you should probably use a professional travel agent.  I would recommend going to Hawai'i first - it's "foreign" w/o being "foreign" - learn how to travel within the States then venture forth into the world.

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YOU HAVE TO DO IT.  no one can do it for you. decide and go for it.

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