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What a Monumental Find!

A few weeks ago, our friends from Henderson, Nevada, drove us to the Valley of Fire State Park, a natural wonder not far from Las Vegas. I had seen pictures of the multicolored sandstone structures that dominated the area, but walking throughout the valley was a revelation. I marveled at the blazing red rugged vaulted arches sometimes gauged out with mammoth or tiny cubbyholes, the towering scalloped narrow canyons, the pinkish bulging boulders heaped upon one another, and the orange swirling spires that jut out over the level plain. My friends (formerly from Phoenix) who have been wowed by the stupendous scenic attractions in Arizona admitted that the Valley of Fire rivals the beauty of the rock configurations in Sedona.

This astoundingly pyrotechnic state park in Nevada is expansive enough and magnificent enough to be a national park in its own right. Bravo!


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