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Night Driving

I just finished reading the current AARP Mag Issue article on Night Driving and seniors. I am a NYC 70 Year Old who drives every day to work at 4:30AM. I have been on a mission to stop the unbelievable ignorant use of High Beams by drivers who seem to even leave them on Double Parked and i-n the daytime. Of course why do they need to use Hi Beams on a lit up highway? I should add that I am Commercial Pilot so my knowledge of Night vison pre dated your article by 50 + years. I was at first a bit horrified that you advised people the do not use their hi beams enough! No one dims their lights, no one seems to understand a flashing passing signal. Hi beams are not driving lights. Most of the time using hi beams on a NY highway does nothing much more than light up the adjacent lanes. Driving lights mounted low will provide greater light of the roadway in front of the car without blinding everyone else.   I understand the loss of night vision though I manage to never use Hi Beams except to pass on lighted  NYC highways. I get the article was not only for NYers and if your driving through an empty dark road, go for it Otherwise save your night vision, wear sunglasses during the day (I am sure all you seniors look better anyway wearing them), Avoid bright lights during the day especially direct light, and if night driving is a serious issue for you see a Doctor. If they can't improve your night driving then you may need to avoid it. .I still fly and most cars do not provide red lighted interior options that aircraft do, and I admit it maybe easier to fly at night than drive, but I will not go into a flight lesson here.  Ultimately, please tell the 18-64 year old's to turn off the bright when you don't need them and tell the police to remember its illegal 500 feet towards oncoming traffic  an 200 feet behind. NYERS Even at 4:30 AM on the Grand Central Parkway you are always within 500 feet of oncoming traffic and 200 feet behind someone!

Gold Conversationalist

Thanks for the tip. “Shades” it is.


i have a large collection of high quality sunglasses (Serengeti, Ray-Ban, etc) and used to wear them all the time. Not so much now that live in northern Alberta, Canada. But I will add them to my rep.

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