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IS ANYONE going  or have been on an  Alaskan cruise in august? I heard the weather went from  cold to hot? so what clothing did you take?


Trying to get this out .



Hole in Cruising Sinking Your US Constitutional rights


It seems to me there are several holes in the Cruise industry mechanics that needs to be exposed and plugged. The US Constitution should not totally abandon Cruisers.

More to follow: If you cruise you most likely don’t know what has happened in the past few years as a result of COVID and other contagions to cause your Rights to be subverted.

We all know many fixes to the Law have had unintended consequences.  I believe the recent changes in Maritime Law is what has happened to put Cruisers at risk.

If there is enough interest in my May 2022 Alaskan Cruise, I will share my horrific experience.


Hello,  I am from Anchorage and have only been on day cruises ( I don't live in Anchorage anymore). The weather changes in a heartbeat and is different in all parts of the state.  The winds can get high and real cold. I suggest layering plus a heavy coat, a winter hat, and gloves.  It's better to be safe than sorry.  A friend of mine took a day cruise through the Seward  Kenai Fjords in July and didn't have any winter gear on the cruise with her.  She said it was windy and cold and a nice person on the cruise lent her stuff.  I went on the same cruise in August and it was very cold and windy.  Hope this helps.  

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