Supplements for knee pain

I've taken many different supplements for knee pain, but I've never tried any omega 3 products.  Need some good suggestions on some of the best products on the market.  There are so many, having a hard time choosing a good one.  The reviews on a lot of these products can be misleading at times.  Need some help!

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Super Contributor (no affiliation) is the best place to get independently-verified information on herbal supplements. They use the Consumer Reports business model where people need to subscribe to get access to the actual reports. These subscriptions pay for the testing of supplements. 


One of the brands that constantly gets top marks from them is Jarrow (again, no affiliation, they are actually a competitor of mine!). Jarrow offers a number of supplements for joint issues. In my professional opinion, their Glucosamine + Chondroitin + MSM Function product is likely to offer the best help with general knee pain.


Omega-3 is a very important nutrient for the health of both your heart and brain. Definitely include it in your diet! However, scientific studies suggest it's only so-so for joint issues and to help requires really large doses. So large in fact that it can lead to issues from excessive amounts of vitamin A, which is often present with the omega-3.


At some point my company will be offering an even better product than Jarrow's but I take my role as a "medicine man" very seriously and so if it mean recommending a competitor's product, that's what I'll do. 🙂


The medicine man at
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