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Sex Ed Article in June/ July 2022 Magazine p. 19, step 6: Consider Estrogen


Sex Ed Article in June/ July 2022 Magazine p. 19, step 6: Consider Estrogen

This is a request for self-education on available estrogen replacement therapy with Premarin.


I just read the article on Sex Ed on p. 19 in the June/ July 2022 magazine this morning. Under step 6 - "Consider Estrogen" - a particular drug named Premarin (the name comes from how it is produced and what it is - pregnant mare urin) is mentioned. 


When I personally first heard about this drug I was in a Holistic Horsemanship Education course. I had no idea what the drug was and where it came from. In short I was ignorant to the fact that the Premarin industry is something we humans can't be proud of as it creates immense suffering amongst other sentient beings. Once I learned about it I felt horrible. Not that I am utilizing premarin, but just that something like this existed in the world and that probably most people don't even know about it. So, prompted the article in the magazine, I wanted to follow up with offering some insights and information. I hope that once everyone knows better we do better. Thank you for your interest in the following information.


Female horses get artificially impregnated and then put on a so-called "pee-line". They get catheters attached to them in order to collect their urin that contains the sought after hormone. They have to stand in tiny holding slots - immeasurably uncomfortable. Horses ideally walk miles and miles each day to stay healthy - imagine standing in confinement all the time. How would that affect your health? Here is more info including plant-based alternatives to premarin and how you can help otherwise:


The other problem with this industry is that the by-product is a foal. Foals get prematurely removed from their mothers to their and their mothers detriment and the orphaned foal generally go to a feedlot where they are held until they get shipped of for slaughter and turned into pet/ human food and other products. You can find more information about this under the link I shared above as well as the following one:

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