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DES Info: DES [Diethylstilbestrol] Awareness Week – April 26 - May 2, 2020

Major Drug Disaster – Multigenerational Tragedy!
Join us in honoring 42 years of Advocacy for the DES Exposed Community as part of this year’s - DES Awareness week! ***
We have attached the 2020 DES Awareness News Release to share with your local media.
We thank you for being part of our DES Community and appreciate your thoughts of our commitment to DES Education and Support. Our volunteers are not paid and there is no cost for this ongoing service of education and support.Slide22.JPG


Our DES members reach out to us with their thoughts …
· “I am so grateful for you”
· “I love the DES Info Group for what they do”
· “Thank you for your ongoing information on DES”
· “Thanks for speaking out about DES and providing education. Your work is essential in connecting us as a community”
· “Thank you for getting the word out to educate more and more people on this horrific drug with generations of lasting effects”
· “I am grateful to our amazing group DES Info as I feel energized and empowered by both the information, stories, video clips of TV interviews that I read and watch before work”
· “Thank you for being the free source of DES Information and Support. I as so glad I found you”
· “Thank-you for reigniting the focus on DES & spreading awareness”
· “Thank you for raising awareness about DES”
· “Thank you for writing about DES and keeping us informed”
· “Thank YOU for all that you do”
· “Thanks for posting this valuable info on DES”
· “Thank you all from the bottom of my heart”
Together we are stronger and we are keeping our story alive!
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