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DES Info: A step back into history….

In 1953, researchers at the University of Chicago undertook the first and only double-blind, controlled study of the efficacy of DES for prevention of miscarriage. 


The study found that the women given a placebo had more live births than the women given DES. 


This study found that DES was ineffective to prevent miscarriages.   Other reported studies also concluded that DES was of no value in preventing miscarriages.


American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology

“Does the Administration of Diethylstilbestrol During Pregnancy Have Therapeutic Value” 1062 (1953) W.J. Dieckmann

“Effect of Stilbestrol on Pregnancy Compared to the Effect of A Placebo 65 (1953) James Ferguson


DES Info:  The DES Tragedy did not have to happen; it was known in 1953 that DES was ineffective in preventing miscarriage


The DES Community is still awaiting an apology!






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