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So, this all started at the beginning of summer 2019

I like walking so on my days of from work I like to walk

As the summer progressed I found the small niggle of pain evolve into serious amounts of pain stopping me from walking and as I was about to seek medical help with this I was bitten by a dog so I went to have medical assistance for tetanus shot and as a matter of course, they checked my blood pressure and heart

What happened next had my wife in tears as the doctor told me I was in atrial fibrillation and the next thing I knew I was on my way to the hospital with the emergency paramedics

I was immediately put on a drip and heart monitor but after one hour they took me off the drip as I had gone back to normal but had to stay overnight and have an echo and stress test the next day which I passed with flying colors, this happened once again but this time the hospital sent me home within two hours

The doctor has put me on blood pressure and blood thinner medication till they find out more, in the meantime, I’ve had pain-killing injections in my back and neck for the pain but then in another twist, I suddenly had massive muscle loss mainly most visible in my legs with pain mostly in my calf’s, so more blood tests and visits to a physical therapist, internal medicine doctor, infectious disease doctor, neurologist, oncologist, and orthopedic doctor and still no diagnosis yet?

anyone got any thoughts or insight on this tale of woe I would be much obliged.

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Dear bs49257304,

I am so sorry to hear about your health.  Please update when you can.   Back pain is excruciating.  I hope they will be able to give you a definitive diagnosis soon.

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Udate; Changed primary Doctor, the other one was just not cutting the mustard.

More blood works, prescription for colonoscopy and rheumatologist.

Another Doctors revisit on Moday with a infectious disease specialist.

Have more Tramadol but i'm only taking these when needed, don't want to go down the road of addiction.


On another note absence managment insurance are giving me the runaround, still not paying my entitled 60% of wages, apprently they need more paper work, then more paper work etc ...


Just so happened an old friend reached out and give me a great insight to how all this works and it doesn't read pretty and this guy has way more to deal with than me, eventually he had to go to court to get justice.He has actually been in pain from 2011, i'm just starting out on this journey, hope i get answers sooner than later as i'm itching toget back to work.


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Hallelujah! Thanks to my wife for doggedly fighting my health issues and dragging me around the many doctors and asking questions about this disease I finally have a positive diagnosis, apparently, I have Lymes disease and I am now on antibiotics.

Not quite out of the woods yet because the doctor said it will get worse before it gets better and she wasn't joking because I feel like I've just run a marathon with flu.

Still going to be off work for at least 3 months but at least I'm on the mend.


 What we didn't know is that early blood tests do not always turn up positive but you can still have Lymes disease. Also, this disease can mimic many other diseases and if you do google Lymes disease be careful, because there is a lot of people trying to sell magic potions, only antibiotics work!

What I've also found out is many of the symptoms can be different from person to person and the symptoms that are supposed to show Lymes disease is present, sometimes don't appear.


Please don't take my word for it, talk to your doctor about seeing an infectious disease specialist


Hope y'all have a blessed day

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