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Bath Lift for tub with textured surface

Hi All: My mom is renting an apartment with a fiberglas tub with a textured "anti-slip" surface on the bottom. She needs help getting into and out of the bath, so we ordered a battery-powered chair lift for the tub, but it has suction cup feet to hold it securely in place, and the textured surface won't allow the suction cups to work.


All the devices I've seen online have the suction cups to secure the device. Has anyone ever seen or used a device that doesn't require a smooth surface? Like something that clamps to the side of the tub instead of the bottom? This is a rental apt so we can't modify the existing tub in any way.

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I am wondering if the apartment complex would allow you to cover the existing tub with another fiberglass bathfitter model that is smooth.  It goes over the existing tub with no demo needed but I don't think it can be removed.  I don't know about the cost either.  Just an idea - 

Consumer Affairs - Bath Fitters 


There are also sticking suction cups that use strong waterproof adhesives but here again would it hold such an important device??????  Or other underwater adhesives that could be applied  but again would it hold???  Plus removal may get complicated down the road.


Since this is rental housing, you may have to consult the owner/manager to see what they will or will not allow.  Otherwise there are only bars that can be attached to the side of the tub which are strong but removable but may not served your mom's needs with the lift.


That is one of the down falls of these lifts - the surface to which they have to adhere - real important for safety.



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Hi Gail: Thanks for those suggestions. I don't think the building mgmt would allow any permanent alteration to the apt. or bathroom. It was renovated right before she occupied it a few years ago, so everything is "new". She already has grab bars but doesn't have the strength to lift herself out of the tub, and her aides are not allowed to lift her because of liability issues (a few of them tried and then complained it was injuring their back to so the agency told her the aides will not lift her out anymore). 

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